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Helping Your Organization

We provide your office a weekly IV Vitamin Therapy Program that’s administered onsite and overseen by certified and highly experienced medical practitioners.

Our programs are customizable for your business and all that we require from you is a dedicated space where they can be set up.

Our mobile fee is waived and we provide a corporate discount for programs that service 5 or more employees.

Support Your Stakeholders, & Help Them Help You

Employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors, leading to lower health risks and are less prone to heart disease.

Increase Alertness & Cognitive Clarity

Help your associates increase their energy levels, which will leading to higher productivity and performance.

Improve Employee Engagement

Boosting immune systems will increase attendance, communication and result in less sick days and health insurance costs.

It’s A Win-Win for Shareholders to Customers

Help employees and clients reduce stress while boosting their morale, effectiveness and overall wellness resulting in higher profits.


Serving Everyone from Austin’s Dynamic Startups & Entrepreneurs,
All the Way to its Amazing Fortune 500 Corporations.


With a Corporate Account at La Vie en Rainey, you have access to incredible programs, services and amenities that will help you achieve your organizational, professional, and personal goals.

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Q & A

What is the minimum requirement for group size?

A Group of 5 is the minimum size necessary for an organization or team in order to be a part of our Corporate Wellness Program.

How long are your contracts?

As long as you would like them to be.  Once you start seeing and feeling the benefits of our services, we doubt you will opt out of our program any time soon. We’re confident that as you see more work output, better customer feedback, and higher profits, that you will continue our Corporate Wellness Program. But even if you opt out, we will be waiting with open arms when you decide to come back.

How do I cancel service?

Since you are not contractually tied to us for any specified period of time, it means you’ve got complete freedom to cancel whenever you need to, with no penalties at all.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, at any time. As your business and/or team grows, your group size will too, and we will be honored to upgrade your plan as it does!

What is the best IV Fusion for the Office?

Our Brain Focus Fusion is the best option for any office environment.  It’s practically the Limitless Pill in an IV bag.  Your memory will be much sharper, your alertness and focus will be stronger, and you will have a sense of cognitive clarity as if you just meditated for an hour.  All of these benefits will also come without the jitters or extreme crash that happens from coffee and energy drinks.

Have more questions?

Feel free to email us at info@lavieenrainey with any other questions and to enroll in our Corporate Wellness Program.

Thousands of Clients Rely on Our Services

“La Vie’s products and services are exactly what I need to perform at the highest level possible.”J-Clark

A Consistent Health and Wellness Staple Within Your Office:


Health and wellness Initiatives are becoming more and more of a common practice. Employers are searching for ways to provide benefits to employees that increase their exposure to health and wellness services. Health and wellness provided onsite can improve performance and morale.

Incorporation of a weekly onsite vitamin drip and booster offers companies a health and wellness initiative, while providing employees consistent access to services that can restore commonly occurring vitamin, mineral or nutritional imbalances or deficiencies.

These are often the result of dehydration, cold or flu symptoms, heavy travel schedules, enduring heavy celebration on the weekends, engaging in high levels of athletic activity or simply a lack of sleep with the appropriate recovery method.

Having an onsite mobile Vitamin IV and booster service allows employees to access services needed to permanently combat these factors.

These can be seamlessly integrated into a company’s workflow by being coordinated within a consistent weekly time block.

All services are administered by fully registered and certified medical staff which includes Nurse Practitioners, RN’s and Paramedics.

This single initiative has the capacity to permanently increase employee productivity, morale and efficiency as it provides sustained levels of energy restoration that employees can benefit from throughout the work-week.

The Benefits of our Corporate Wellness Program

Increased Productivity:


Most employees engage in activities on a daily basis where they’re in sedentary positions for hours on end that restrict blood flow and promote lethargic movements adding to decreased energy throughout the work day.

Large amounts of time without proper nutrition and hydration throughout the day will increase the usage of the bodies stored up energy.

These energy supplies are needed to combat these negative activities that gradually decrease work production as the work day progresses if left unaddressed.

With minerals and vitamins received from IV drips employees in some instances can absorb up to 90% or more compared to oral absorption which can be as low at 40-60%.

This increased absorption leads to higher and more sustainable cognitive and physical functions. Thus resulting in more efficient and effective work.

As the wellness and health of your associates rises, the amount of sick-days taken will simultaneously lower.  Less sick-days means more work output and a higher quality of work due to stronger immune systems.

Improved Employee Morale:


Employees experiencing high work-loads along with an ineffective amount of time to recuperate and rest are more prone to increased stress levels, difficulty with communication and lack of energy.  Not to mention the stress that blue-light will put on their eyes over time.

This leads to decreased work productivity thus affecting individual morale and can disrupt the efficiency and productivity of group meetings as well.

Providing employees an option of having vitamin Fusions and Boosters can create a source of sustainable energy throughout the week unlike any stimulant like caffeine ever will.

Having the appropriate levels of vitamin and mineral supplementation provides employees the ability to function at their optimum level throughout the week.

This not only increases employee self confidence but also raises inter-office energy levels and overall mood and morale.

Not to mention, modern and innovative services such as this will show your associates that they work for one of Austin, TX’s most creative organizations that truly looks out for its stakeholders.

Increased Employee Focus:


Decreased attention spans as well as an abundance of distracting stimuli within the office consistently take focus away from tasks needing to be accomplished throughout the day.

Incorporation of Boosters such as Folic Acid (which treats depression and helps regulate mood), CoQ10 (Naturally occurring within the body and acting as antioxidant and energy booster), B12 (Energy boosting, sleep, mood and appetite regulator) along with the appropriate formulated IV drips which include our Brain Focus Fusion IV Vitamin drip that address mental clarity not only counter this common occurrence but provide a way to promote optimal performance levels throughout the day.

Subsidized Health and Wellness Offerings:


For companies participating in programs where employees can set up Health Spending or Flex Spending accounts, all services can be purchased using either of these initiatives.

In instances where a business doesn’t offer these initiatives but wants to fully or partially purchase a specific number of IV services weekly for their employees, La Vie en Rainey will work with your Austin, TX-based organization to provide a strategic IV Vitamin Therapy solution. We put a great deal of effort and investment into promoting a permanent weekly health and wellness program for every office we service, and we will work hard to customize the best plan for you.